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ngle so he could get at my neck and began another generic vardenafil hickey. He wants me to have one of his hickeys when we go on a date. Carl was big on that too way back when, maybe that's where Willie got the idea. At first it felt sexy for him generic levitra online to suck on a small buy levitra patch of my neck skin, but soon it began to burn and when I groaned and levitra 20 mg tried to squirm he buy levitra online tightened everything down levitra 20 again, humped levitra 20mg by hole with his hardening boner a few times, and pressed my head further to the side... I lay still for levitra online him. Hickeys are usually just red welts levitra 20 of broken blood vessels under the neck skin. They're caused, as I said, by someone sucking and tonguing that one small area, but Willie overdid it because vardenafil he wanted a raised welt that was immediately obvious to anyone who even just glanced at me. 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Finally Willie took a deep breath and, in a very contrite voice said, "Would you like me to do you again, baby?" He generic levitra online was trying to make-up I guess. I'm a world class pouter though so I said, "I don't care" when actually, it's been two levitra 20 weeks levitra coupon since we'd had sex together and I did want it again. He said, "I already know about your pouting, Dylan, so I'm going to give you another chance. Would you levitra generic like me to do you again?" This time I said, "Un-huh" and I nodded my head. Willie, in a more playful voice says, "Well, ask me then. Tell me what you want" and I saw where this was going but I hate confrontations so I gave in and, in a forced playful voice, said, "Would you please fuck my pussy, Willie" and he goes, "Good boy" and he started in with levitra 20 mg a fuck that lasted a good fifteen levitra 20 mg minutes. We began on our sides like that, but he rustled me around on my bed in a number of positions, fucking me real good with that long cock of his. It simply felt fabulous, it's the best feeling I know vardenafil generic levitra online in this world, maybe it's the best feeling in any world buy levitra for that matter. I love to be fucked by Willie. Two minutes before I finally had online levitra my second climax of the night I was on my back, Willie had my legs spread out flat on the levitra 20mg bed at my sides, he was on his knees with sweat dripping off his forehead, fucking my boy pussy like there was no tomorrow. Finally I let out a squeal as a spurt of cum flew online levitra out of my cock, landing about two inches up on my belly... it was followed by a spurt that never broke free of my cock head. 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